Quality and reliability are our most important objectives.

At Intensecomp, we always ensure our solutions are deployed with quality and reliability. We value our customers and work together with them for long term.


Established in year 2002 by a group of dynamic professionals with years of experience in radio frequency identification (RFID), smart card, wireless communication and asset management technology, Intensecomp Pte Ltd is a company that always strive for the constant changes to meet future challenges.


Our mission is to bring advance technology and reliability to our customers. We believe in information technology that deliver and also we seek only the right technology to suit the application. Our research and development efforts guaranteed our products are always in the state of the art and our stringent quality control practices have placed our products with high reliability rate. Thus, our customers always trust and assure that we will deliver what we have promised. Finally, our support group consists of highly trained personnel to support our application system, we are confident to deliver high standard of customer services.


Simplicity is always the key to successful technology implementation. Our technology relies upon a complete range of small but powerful software components. Combining these components together create a complex yet manageable software system. We delve into highly advanced technology available in software engineering as to bring the right technology to the right solution. With the availability of such technology skills at our expense, we aim to prove the concept of "One Enterprise, One Solution".

  • Proven track records.
  • Experience and successful RFID implementations.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Many satisfied customers
  • Award winning RFID solution provider.
  • Certified UWB RTLS solution provider

We strive to provide the best RFID solution in the market place with quality products and successful delivery

Intensecomp's Business Objective