We have many on-reader applets available for RFID reader.

Many applications such as auto notifications mode, car park application, sensor monitoring and control, anti-theft mode, lighting and profile management are available for immediate download.

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Applet Store

We provide ready to use applications to be downloaded to our RFID readers from our applet store. Applications ranging from auto-monitoring applet, car park barrier control, remote monitoring and sensor monitoring and many others.

Ready Applications

Blast off your RFID projects with our ready to use on-reader applications.

Easy Linkage

Our RFID on-reader applets can be integrated into any ERP and back end system easily.

Unlock RFID Reader's Potential

With our applets, we unlock the full potentials of our RFID readers.

On-Reader Application

Our applet store allows our customers to download available applets directly from our server to the RFID reader. Only internet connection is required. Each applications available has been extensively tested by our technical team and specialist engineers. The applications available includes:

  • Auto read and notification applet.
  • Access control and monitoring.
  • Profile management with auto trigger.
  • Many mores...

Reader Technology

Each RFID reader has its own operating system similar to smart phones operating systems such as iOS or Android. Applications can be download directly into the reader and allows it to run automatically.

Downloaded application can be configured to start automatically and the RFID reader will be set into the mode defined by the application. Immediately the reader is able to perform intelligent tasks and off load the requirements to use reader APIs for integration.

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