Ultra-low Profile UHF RFID Embedded Ground Antenna

Uniquely optimised for the industrial workplace, the A5531-E is a high performance, extremely durable antenna that can be embedded in a concrete floor. The A5531-E offers an ultra-low profile UHF antenna solution for RFID applications which benefit from assets being read from beneath, rather than from traditonal side antennas. At just 20 mm / 0.8 in. thick, the A5531-E offers seamless and easy installation with no change in business workflow required making this unique embedded ground antenna the right choice for high performance industrial RFID deployments in a challenging environment.

Industrial class embedded ground antenna.

Times-7  www.times-7.com


  • Dimensions: 1260 x 255 x 20mm.
  • Frequency Range: 902-928MHz (FCC); 865-868MHz (ETSI)
  • Connector Type: RP TNC
  • Antenna Gain: 10 dBi

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