ChemTrack 3000

ChemTrack3000 is as solution catered for management of chemicals and equipment related to chemical usage. Chemicals like any other products and inventory needs to be managed efficiently. Efficient handling of chemicals will not only increase the productivity but also elevate the safety level of working environment and ultimately increases profit per worker.

Regulations have been introduced to ensure proper handling of chemicals and its related products. Keeping track of chemicals has always been a problem to many organizations. Tons of documents related to chemicals have been kept just for tracking purposes and yet they are not available at the time of need. Missing chemical especially hazardous chemical can cause catastrophic consequences if it falls onto the wrong hand. Losses mounted due to the lack of proper tracking and management of such chemicals.

We will like to introduce ChemTrack3000 as a chemical management solution. It can keep track of unlimited numbers of chemical types, categorized each chemical based its hazardous state, keeps audit trail of each transaction, generates reports for analysis and tracking purposes and it even register the container and equipment used together with the chemicals plus many more.

Chemical Management Console

All in one management console for available chemicals in the database. User can add new chemical, remove existing chemical and even mix and match to form a new chemical. It is just so easy to become a chemist with the help of ChemTrack. Every user action is recorded in the system. Information related such as MSDS of the chemical can be obtained at a single click. No more searching high and low for the right MSDS document. We even have built-in email messaging system to alert user based on event. There are many more features available for you to discover.


ChemTrack3000 is a very scalable application. New components could be added easily because it employs Intensecomp unique component technologies. We create all our application based on object-oriented approaches. Also it is possible to add barcode or radio frequency identification (RFID) devices to every container. These are optional features supported by ChemTrack3000.

Reports & Audit Documentations

Analysis of data is very important in asset management. ChemTrack3000 has reporting feature that allow user to create reports for analysis or control purposes. Transaction recorded in the database could be retrieved as a form of report as well.

Secure and Reliable

Every user has its own access rights in ChemTrack3000. Access to ChemTrack3000 system requires password and ChemTrack database is protected as well. This is to prevent unauthorized access to the system. Reliability is our pride and thus ChemTrack has been built to be as reliable as possible. It goes through thorough testing either in-house or during installation at customer sites.


  • High-performance system tracks virtually all types of chemical.
  • Web-based and platform independent system.
  • Easily configurable, highly flexible and secure.
  • Support relational databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL and etc.
  • Real-time chemical quantity summary report in one click.
  • Quick summary on chemical volume and quantity available, used and ordered.
  • Support unlimited chemical types.
  • Chemical management using the web browser.
  • Scalable system support distributed or centralized management system.
  • Requisition and invoice modules support custom purchase order and etc.
  • Quick access to MSDS information.
  • Quick access to hazard information during emergency.
  • Chemical usage reports and statistics based on any given criteria.
  • Classified every chemical based on various industry standards.
  • Can be extended to track radioisotopes information.
  • Find and search function for fast document retrieval.
  • Stores CAS#, physical formula and digital snapshot of individual chemical.
  • Monitor who uses what chemical at any one time.
  • Full audit trail for every chemical usage.
  • Support login/logout of individual user add extra layer of security.
  • Tracking could be made based on containers or packages.
  • Support barcode and RFID (radio frequency identification) technology.

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