DocuTrack 3000

DocuTrack3000 is an online document management system that enables organizations to manage, secure and control the distribution of electronic documents over the Internet, and at the same time, keep track of hard copy documents using the latest RFID technology. It can be deployed as either a hosted solution available via a web browser or as an in-house application residing on a server on your computer network.

Automated Document Tracking

Document tracking proves to be important to improve productivity. Properly managed document tracking and document sharing helps business to reduce resources as well as improves bottomline. In DocuTrack, you can track and share document electronically. DocuTrack provides centralized document management. Centralized document management helps to organize all documents in any business either project related or customer related.

Intelligent and easy to use.


Document Sharing

User can upload and download document from the centralized server at a fast speed. All documents will be categorized based on user. Document sharing helps users to collaborate within organization. Sharing of document proves to provide proper tracking on modification status to a document. Ultimately, document sharing helps to minimize time loss due to document management.

Document Tracking

Hardcopy document such as files, books, paper and many others are also very important to business. In DocuTrack, we provide RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based tracking. We monitor movement of document using Radio Frequency technology. Each document can be tracked to the rightful owner, the borrower, time of borrowing and so on.


  • Ultimate document tracking solution.
  • Secure and controlled access.
  • Flexible and scalable on demand.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.
  • Version control and document classification.
  • No client software required.
  • No software upgrades required.
  • No need to invest in hardware infrastructure costs.
  • Access to your document easily online.

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Product Specifications 1.5Mb