InvenTrack 3000

InvenTrack is a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based inventory management software. Tracking inventory is based on RFID Stock Card. Information related to inventory on-shelf will be updated whenever there is any adding or substracting of items on the shelf. Data will be updated by InvenTrack software application and consolidation of information can be done via productivity software such as MS Excel, MS Access and many other database systems. InvenTrack can be integrated to existing ERP or MRP systems.

Intelligent and easy to use.


Flexible Asset Grouping

  • Clearly defined and easy navigation of asset information such as property, location and asset. Minimize data entry required to classify asset into system defined asset class.
  • Record information such as maintenance date, warranty expiry, service due date and etc. Specified dates are active and tracked at all time. System can inform user when each dates due.

Support multi-vendor RFID readers and handheld

  • Using Intensecomp unique middleware system, InvenTrack3000 is able to work with different types of RFID readers and handhelds for inventory tracking, maintenance inspection, guard patrol movement and many others applications.
  • Cost of investment on RFID infrastructures is reduced tremendously.

Unlimited Asset Inventory & Location Linkage

  • Inventory and asset are closely linked. Inventory can be converted into asset easily and are tracked by asset location and also inventory location.
  • Each asset are unique and are tagged with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags for quick inspection and stock taking.
  • Location and movement of assets are closely tracked. Unlimited assets and locations can be created in the system for monitoring.

Suitable for Preventive Maintenance and Frequent Asset Check

  • With RFID, daily inspection report and monthly summary report can be generated real-time.
  • Integrated with RFID scanner, inspection can be carried out multiple times a day and data can be uploaded for report generation and data backup.
  • Maintenance functionality with work order management ease the load of maintenance personnel and increase uptime of asset usability.
  • Accurate as date and time is captured on the spot and each assets are identified uniquely. Inspection is linked to user for audit and accountability purposes.
  • Easy asset transfer functionality for relocation of asset into different locations.

Expandable and Support Back-End Integration

  • Designed as modular system able to integrate with many different types of RFID readers as well as back-end enterprise system such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Navision and etc.
  • Covers inventory movement module, asset tracking module, session check, flexible reports, maintenance preview screen and many others.


  • Provides just in-time to reduce costly inventory overhead.
  • Improvises inventory management
  • Reduces theft and loss due to mishandling
  • Detailed track information such as supplier, price and shelf life
  • Immediate inventory location information
  • Advanced inventory search function
  • Efficiency reports to monitor various inventory information
  • Reduces turnaround time from order to shipping
  • Improve customer service with immediate shipping information
  • Suitable for retail customer to large scale warehouse
  • Easy to implements in just days instead of months
  • Proven application with no customization required
  • Web-enabled and application services hosting available reduces the need for heavy investment on fixed cost of computer hardware and software.

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