RFID Beginner's Kit

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology using radio wave to identify products through electronics chips. This technology is similar to barcode but has a lot more advantages. Radio tags or chips can be embedded into products in an area not visible by naked eye. Reader can be activated to read the embedded chips. So no line of sight is required to read a radio tags.

Some reader is strong enough to read through wall and furniture. It is similar to spy game. Radio tags have been used in location detection, logistics tracking, personnel tracking and many other applications that you can think of. Learn and apply this technology to solve your current problems now.

Currently, radio tags have been placed in many locations. Just try to look into your wallet and you might find one. Access control card is also a type of radio tags. When you flash your card onto a reader, interaction though radio wave occurred. Your identification is verified on the spot and then it opens the door automatically.

How to use RFID in your application?

Looking high and low on how to implement RFID solution. Look no further and with our beginner's kit you can learn about RFID technology and how it could be implemented in any applications. We also provide software libraries for you to start development and it is USB based reader. No need to worry about lack of serial port or slow RS-232 connection. No additional power supplied required. All it need is a USB connection. With a hub, you can extend your application immediately to support multiple RFID readers. You will realize that the sky is your limit now.

Start your RFID development now.

Our RFID Beginner's Kit is a low cost RFID implementation where you could design own software around it. Why pay thousands of dollars to implement RFID solution? Get the beginner's kit now to become a RFID expert.

Very easy to learn RFID!

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  • Easy to use software educate user on how does RFID works.
  • Large Read/Write capacity in HF/UHF tags.
  • Dual frequency kits available, UHF (860-950Mhz), HF (13.56Mhz)
  • Anti-collision or reading multiple tag at one time.
  • Supports ActiveX control/COM object for easy application development.
  • Low cost and simple suitable for low budget system installation.
  • Easy to understand software development library for fast application development.
  • Small in size can be integrated into other hardware systems.
  • Extendable & scalable features enable large scale system integrations.
  • Can be used as a testing unit or for small project implementations.

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