Omni-ID Fit 210

Omni-ID Fit 210 is a low profile, small form factor durable RFID tag. Designed to meet high impact and vibration requirements, the Fit 210 can be deployed in harsh industrial environments. Fit 210 also features a wide bandwidth, making it suitable for integration within finishing processes, such as dipping, coating, heat shrinking and moulding, for tools and other high value assets.

"Small form factor, rugged and best suited for industrial and extreme environment."



  • With its low profile, durable design, Omni-ID Fit 210 tags are ideally suited to tool tracking and embedding applications including attachment to:
    1. Hand Tools including wrenches, ratchet tools and power tools.
    2. Logistics involving metal produce or packaging.
    3. Integration within IT assets at point of manufacture.
  • Ready to deploy solutions available from Intensecomp.

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