Omni-ID IQ 400

Omni-ID IQ 400 Ultrathin labels provide on metal tag functionality, within a low profile, easy to deploy label. Supplied in roll form as either finished labels or as an inlay for conversion, the Omni-ID IQ 400 has been optimized for thermal barcode printers, enabling low cost and hassle-free RFID deployment. IQ 400 has redefined the standard for both consistency and reliability for metal and liquid RFID tagging, enabling new applications and revolutionizing integration into manufacturing and supply chain processes.

"Small form factor, rugged and best suited for industrial and extreme environment."



  • With innovative construction and thermal barcode printer compatibility, the Omni-ID IQ 400 label is ideal for hassle free deployment of RFID applications involving metals and liquids such as:
    1. IT, Office and Hospital asset tracking.
    2. Logistics involving metal produce or packaging.
    3. Pipe manufacturing and re-certification.
  • Ready to deploy solutions available from Intensecomp.

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