Omni-ID Prox NG

Omni-ID Prox NG is a small form factor, global, RFID tag designed specifically for enterprise IT asset management environments. Market leading consistency is provided through its balanced, broadband RF design which supports handheld and portal use cases on both metal and plastic assets alike. Prox NG also includes a tether hole as standard, making it easy to deploy on any IT asset, anywhere in the world.

"Small form factor, rugged and best suited for enterprise IT asset management."



  • With its low profile, small footprint and consistent RF performance, Prox NG tags are ideally suited to IT asset management applications including tracking:
    1. Servers, Routers and Blades.
    2. IT Asset Management.
    3. Ideal for tagging of small assets.
  • Ready to deploy solutions available from Intensecomp.

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Product Specifications 395kb