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Our RFID middleware can be integrated into any ERP and back end system.


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During the design phase, we gather all the required information needed to develop the software. Design documents will be created. Based on available data, we will create a data model to reflect required input and outputs of the software application. We use various design tools to software models. Upon further analysis, functional specifications will be created defining the system and software application flow. User will review and approve the specifications before we can proceed further. Project plan will be proposed to the user based on functionality developed earlier. If need be, we will revise project plan to reflect the actual and accurate delivery of application. Finally, we will design the internal architecture of the system and present to the user a prototype system to reflect the actual system.

Our programmers will employ the latest tools and technology into application development. Coding will be based on the design architecture defined. We use software code management system and version control system to ensure proper documentation and software release control. Rigorous testing will be carried out based on simulated data and other in-house testing mechanism. Each module will go through quality assurance process and we might get user involvement to refine the application further.
Upon release of a software version, it will be deployed at user location. Our deployment policy defines a fully functionally system to be installed and tested under intended operation environment. We will review the application again for any bugs and software functionality modifications. Comprehensive training will be provided to let user optimize the utilization of the application software developed.
Feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to provide you with initial costing free of charge. Let us know what you want in your application so we could provide a more detailed costing for you budgeting purposes. Once everything is confirmed, we will carried out interview and design meeting with your technical people for further understanding of the application. Prototypes will be created for your review and actual software development is carried out. Our project managers have years of software project management experience will ensure prompt delivery of application developed. Finally, we will review the completed application and polish it to ultimate performance.

Custom Development

Software application development has always been our expertise. We have a team of highly capable programmers and application developers whose focus solely on the goal of each development.

What is OSM?

OSM or Original Software Manufacturer produces software product under its customer name. This concept is created because we saw the shifting trend of industry and also cut throat competition that everyone is facing now. Cost and profit is the key to survival and why not let us absorb part of the software development cost. You will have more time to concentration on things you do best. We will create software application under our customer brand name and eliminates the need for our customer to worry about hidden cost in development of software in-house.

Software Technology

We use the following software programming languages in our implementation: - Java, C/C++, Visual Basic, .Net platform, C#, JSP, ASP.NET and many others. - Web-based application, e-commerce application, embedded software for micro-controller, database system, data collection server and etc.