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Intensecomp provides full and direct support on technical and hardware warranty. Each hardware sold by Intensecomp and are registered officially and retains the right for full support for 1 year from the purchase date. Support includes hardware failure, software application interfaces and other manufacturer's related defects.

Intensecomp has extensive knowledge in integrating RFID hardware into various systems and able to help your software team to integrate our RFID devices into your software. Please call us or email to us for more information. We will reply to you promptly.
ThingMagic M6 and Astra Ex provides on-reader application support. We have already development many applications which can be deployed directly into the reader. This helps in project integration as well as shorten software development time. These applications are already tested and used by many of our customers. Download the application for our Reader Applet Store now.
We provide many value added services to our customers such as integration expertise, antenna customizations, tags customizations and we have a vast library of ready to use applets.
Talk to us today as we provide RFID training and consultancy services to help your company to get started quickly in RFID. Our customer service professionals are willing to help and find the suitable hardware and software combinations for your RFID projects.

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Feel free to contact us immediately. Our technical team members are ready to provide a helping hand.


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